Thermodynamics Safety Modules

About these Modules

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board referred to in the safety modules is an independent federal agency that is tasked with investigating the major causes of chemical accidents. They provide recommendations on safety improvements and provide lessons learned in hope to protect the community and environment from future incidents.

These modules are also linked to related equipment articles on the Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment to help students better understand the equipment involved in the incidents.

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Module 1: Praxair Cylinder Fire and Explosion

Class Tested by University of Michigan Thermodynamics Course
Description: Vapor pressure increases with temperature and escapes from cylinder and ignites
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US
Date: June 24, 2009
File Type: Thermo-Mod1: Word Doc, Thermo-Mod1: PDF

Module 2: Williams Owens Olefin Plant Explosion

Description: Liquid heats up causing the vapor pressure to increase causing an explosion
Location: Geismar, Louisiana, US
Date: June 13, 2013
File Type: Thermo-Mod2: Word Doc, Thermo-Mod2: PDF