CEP Spotlight on Safety Archive

Introduction: Below is a compilation of Spotlight on Safety articles from CEP. They have been listed in a suggested to order you might consider reading, but can be read in any order.

Why am I Passionate about Process Safety?, February 2012
What is Safety Worth?, August 2017
Process Safety Starts in the School Laboratory, February 2016
Prepare to be Safe at a First Job or Internship, May 2016
Remembering the Past to Create a Safer Future, December 2009
The Importance of Considering the Highly Improbable, February 2013
Vulnerability is Key to Safety, February 2018
What does Inherently Safer Mean?, August 2010
Hazard Awareness and Operational Discipline, May 2013
Verify, then Act, May 2015
LOPA – A Valuable Risk Reduction Tool, November 2012
Bypassing a Safety System Can Have Serious Consequences, February 2017
Going Beyond Standards and Regulations, May 2010
Sensing Safety, August 2015
Normalization of Deviation – Identify It, Correct It, Prevent It, May 2014